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white tiger stuffed animal


white tiger stuffed animal/white tiger plush

White tigers are a variety of the Royal Bengal Tiger that too has stripes like its white counterpart. Due to the absence of the pigments that produce a colored coat, white tigers have a coat that is white. Due to their body color, white tigers are often also called bleached tigers. The coat is a major reason behind the wide popularity of these tigers.

Does your kid have a dream of owning a white tiger as a pet? This might make you disappointed because it is practically impossible to buy a real white tiger for your child, not to mention the dangers of owning a pet like this. Well, we are here to solve your worries with a white tiger stuffed animal that you can easily find in our collection of stuffed animals. Just go to our website and take your pick.

Maintaining a white tiger stuffed animal

Anything white in color is bound to have the cleanliness clause along with it. A white tiger stuffed animal needs even more care and protection because it is made from super soft fabric that requires to be kept clean. The fur is incredibly white and fluffy. Imagine the comfort you will get on hugging this animal. However, this will come at a small cost of just keeping your white tiger plush clean.

Be careful about not letting your toy lie around the house. After you play or sleep with it, we advise that you store it in a cool, dry place that is out of the way of pets or children. Often children unintentionally might spill something on the toy or they might even trip and fall. Occasionally dusting the white tiger stuffed animal with a clean cloth will help to take out any extra dust or dirt. These are some basic cleanliness rules to be followed and you should be good to go.

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