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toothless stuffed animal


toothless stuffed animal/toothless plush

A toothless stuffed animal is inspired from the film ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ that was released in the year 2010. Hiccup, the protagonist of the film finds a dragon that he names toothless. Toothless gets this name because of its teeth that can be drawn back. This makes toothless even more adorable with this large, expressive eyes. Anyone who has watched the movie would surely like to own toothless.

However, toothless is a fictional character and it is not possible to have toothless with us in reality. You need not get all that disappointed. Just make a quick visit to our website where you will find a toothless stuffed animal quite easily. Whether you buy it for yourself or gift this toy to someone, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. You will soon fall in love with your new toothless plush.

What does a toothless stuffed animal look like?

To start with, a toothless stuffed animal is completely black in color. But you would already know this fact if you have watched the movie. A toothless plush has really large, green eyes that are defining features of this toy. At the back of the toy, there is a long tail that has fins as well. Apart from the great, flapping wings a toothless stuffed toy has, it also comes with extra wings.

The expression of this stuffed toy is fierce because it is a dragon and often engages in fights. Toothless in the movie, is also extremely protective of its owner Hiccup. All of these qualities make toothless the perfect companion and friend. If you have a child who has a very active imagination, then a toothless stuffed toy is the ultimate gift for them on their coming birthday. They will not only adore this cuddly dragon but also engage in an adventurous playtime.

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