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Squirtle plush

People who are fans of the cartoon series Pokemon, will be familiar with the name of Squirtle. Squirtle is a Pokemon whose type if water and it later evolves into the forms of Wartortle and Blastoise. Squirtle is one of the favourite Pokemons that Ash, the lead character in the series owns. You too must have dreamed of owning your own little Squirtle, haven’t you? This is not very difficult to achieve. Just go to our website and select your Squirtle plush from our vast range of plushies.

Powers of Squirtle

Squirtle has a blue body that is yellow at the front. It is shaped in the form of a turtle with a strong shell that it can withdraw into, when in danger. The rotund body of a Squirtle helps it to swim better when in water. It can take out a gush of water from its mouth to attack its enemies. Squirtles have been known to live near water bodies or on far-off islands with other members of its species.

Why is a Squirtle plush the best?

With a round body that is not too big, a Squirtle plush is just the right size to be cuddled with. The large eyes and a stretched mouth, make Squirtle look like a baby Pokemon who you can just fall in love with. There must be a reason why Ash loved Squirtle so much, don’t you think so?

To go with the body of a Squirtle plush, its hands and feet are tiny as well, with three fingers and toes. Though the outer shell of a Squirtle is supposed to be extremely tough, your toy won’t be the same. We are sure that you do not want a stuffed toy that will not feel soft when you squeeze it. This is why, a Squirtle plush is made to be extra soft so that you can cuddle with it and have the sweetest Pokemon dreams!

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