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cuphead plush toys


Cuphead plush/cuphead stuffed animal

Our website does have a thing for last year’s retro shooter hit, Cuphead. Now, this game does not exactly stand on the same popularity level as other games such as Marvel, but our stocks have managed to go full out on the sale of cuphead plush toys when the game was launched in 2017.

Our new line of cuphead stuffed animals also includes plush toys like Cuppet, Sally Stageplay, Cala Maria, Ms Chalice, Aeroplane Cuphead and a lot more, all of which are available right here on our website. As far as exclusives are concerned, we also have a Mr Chimes and Ms Chimes pop figure at our website.

How to choose a cuphead stuffed animal?

If you are planning to buy cuphead plush toys for your toddler, it is highly recommended that you make a checklist of your doubts and questions. While your child might grow up to be Hollywood’s greatest actor who will be nominated multiple times for the Oscars, he/she will still stick everything their mouths.

On an average, at least 200,000 mishaps take place because these toddlers swallow something that they shouldn’t. Hence, you need to purchase toys that are suitable for your kid’s age. Take heed of warning labels like ‘Not for children under the age of 5’, etc. The reason such labels are added is that the components in the toy are not for children below five years of age.

Another important factor you need to remember is the presence of chemicals in the cuphead plushies. Certain chemicals are used to soften the fur and fabrics made to build the toy. You should always avoid cuphead stuffed animals that contain chemicals like phthalates. This chemical has been banned in a lot of countries as well because they are responsible for health problems like asthma, etc.

If you gift a plush toy to your child, it will automatically enhance the bond between both of you. Shop for the best plush and soft toys in our website right now. Also, we also hand over heavy discounts to new customers.

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