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Hedgehog Stuffed Animal/Hedgehog Plush

Hedgehogs have always been a slightly popular but unconventional pet choice. They are tiny and cute and for many people, these are the perfect characteristics for a pet. But unlike other small pets such as dogs or even cats, you cannot shower a hedgehog pet with physical affection with hugs.

But if you have always wanted a hedgehog to cuddle with, a wish unlikely to come to fruition due to their prickly and sharp coat, you can opt for a hedgehog plush toy. Unlike the live animals, the plush toy counterparts are as squishy as they look, and perfect to hold and squeeze to your heart’s content.

How to choose the perfect hedgehog stuffed animal

There are many varieties of hedgehog stuffed animals available for purchase. You may choose a cute life-sized one that can fit perfectly in your palms, or you can go as big as you want if you so desire. You can also choose from a range of colors varying from lifelike shades of grey or brown to your favorite whacky color shades such as pink or purple. 

How to care for your hedgehog plush toy

You are sure to get attached to your cute hedgehog plush; after all, they give you the best cuddles! Your favorite hedgehog plush would also require special attention to ensure it has a clean coat, and life-like but soft bristles may provide the perfect grooves and openings for dust particles to accumulate.

You may use liquid cleaners in cool water or a tiny amount of carpet cleaner to wash your stuffed animal. If your hedgehog plush has bows or other accessories made of clothing material, separate them and wash them separately. The drying process requires you to put your hedgehog stuffed animal in the dryer set to moderate heat. The time required to dry it completely will depend on the size of the toy and might range from 20 to 50 minutes.

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