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Ewok stuffed animal


Ewok stuffed animal/ewok plush

There is no film in the world that will ever compare to the Star Wars series when it comes to movie-themed toy tie-ups. In the last forty years since the first Star Wars movie hit the screens, almost every major character from the franchise has been made into a toy and every adult and kid in the world have purchased them. Out of these toys, the most popular ones are the ewok stuffed animal toys.

Furry, small and shy – these are the hallmarks of an Ewok. This plush toy is the miniature version of the Star Wars character. With round eyes, this ewok plush toy is capable of casting a spell on anyone who sees it. One cannot simply let go of its soft and cuddly fur.

What are stuffed toys made up of?

Mostly, stuffed toys are made up of plastic pellets and polyester fiber. These pellets are commonly made out of polyethylene. The outer fabric is made up of synthetic plush. The hard features like the eyes and noses are made up of different materials. Overall, everything that is put into making the toy is child-proof and has been accepted and recognized for decades.

Some toys are fitted with features like felt eyes. These features are stitched over several layers of sewing thread. For whiskers, most manufacturing bodies make use of yarn and thread. For other parts like legs and feet, most companies make use of plush or some other similar fabric.

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