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fnaf mangle plush toys


mangle plush/mangle stuffed animal

Anyone who has played the Friday Nights at Freddy’s game will like the character of Mangle for a change from the other scarier characters. If you want Mangle to entertain you at your dull moments, then opt for a Mangle plush toy from our website. We sell an exclusive range of plushies that are sure to make you fall for stuffed animals even though you are not someone who likes them.

What does a Mangle stuffed animal look like?

If you like plush toys, then a Mangle stuffed animal is sure to charm you with its bright eyes and the pure white body with patches of pink. This fnaf plush is a welcome change from the other plushies which are mostly dark or dull in color and look more evil. Although Mangle too is an antagonist, you will not be outrightly scared by this character.

If you are planning to gift a soft toy to a child who loves to play with them, then you can choose a Mangle plush because it just looks like a cute little fox. Unlike Foxy, with whom Mangle has a close resemblance, Mangle looks pretty with red cheeks combined with pink eyelids and elongate eyelashes. To give it a prettier look, we add a pink bow to a Mangle stuffed animal, just like the way it appears in the video game.

You should know that there is a disfigured version of Mangle which looks like an endoskeleton. This version is not made in the form of plush toys. The prettier Mangle is what everyone prefers because even for someone who does not play the game, the pink Mangle will make up for a great toy. So, if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a child, a Mangle plush is not a bad idea at all.

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