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Plush comforter & Plush fleece blanket


Plush comforter/plush fleece blanket

It is the season to get comfortable on the couch and under our new plush comforter. Yes, we agree that there is nothing that gives more comfort than a fuzzy and warm plush fleece blanket on a cold and chilling night! With over 5,000 fleece blankets in our website with different designs, you will definitely want to know all about our selection and the various styles, patterns, and colors.

How to clean your plush blankets?

As we know that fleece blankets are a great choice during the icy days. But, just like any other type of bedding, plush comforters are subjected to spills, food, hair products, and body oils on a regular basis. To make sure that they last for a long time, you must be able to launder and clean them that is suited specifically for fleece fabric. If you do not follow the points below, you might end up with damaged fleece blankets:

  • Pre-treat the stains: Drop some dishwashing liquid on soiled spots and allow the liquid to absorb the stains for at least 10 minutes. Make use of a paper towel to lift the stain.
  • Wash: Before you put your blanket into the washing machine, make sure you prevent abrasion with other clothes. Set the washer in gentle mode and use lukewarm (not hot) water and laundry detergent.
  • Dry: With low heat, tumble dry the plush comforter blanket on the gentle cycle. Avoid using high temperatures on the blanket as it can damage the fleece material. After the dryer stops, remove the blanket and fold them to prevent wrinkles.

Additionally, we also have a lot of plush comforter blankets in different fabrics as well as woven, knitted and quilted. If you purchase one on our website, you will get two more for free! Be sure to shop from our website and take advantage of our fast and free shipping if your order is more than $49.

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