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tails plush toys


tails plush

The full name of Tails is Miles Prowler who is a character from the video game series ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’. The prominent feature of Tails is his tail. He is a fox and typically should have one tail, but instead, has two. Due to this factor, he was subjected to a lot of ridicule since his early days. He, later on, meets the hero Sonic who takes tails along with him. Since then, Tails is the best friend and ally of Sonic and helps Sonic on his adventures.

The gentle and amiable nature of Tails has made him quite a favorite of people who have played this game. He uses his pair of tails to fly with expertise, by rotating his tails like the blades of a helicopter. He also comes across as a genius pilot in the game who goes on to become very brave.

The three tufts of hair that come out from the center of Tails’ head, make him seem even more adorable. All of us, especially the fans of the game ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, would love to have a best friend like Tails, wouldn’t we? So, you might as well go to our website and check out the best ever Tails plush toy, form our wide range of stuffed toys.

Benefits of a Tails plush toy

Tails is not your regular fox that has a single long bushy tail. Due to a genetic change, Tails comes with two fluffy tails that make him unique in his own right. A bright yellow Tails plush look even better with his tails that won’t allow you to stay away from him for long. A Tails plush is extra soft and his tails give you more warmth when you hug him. And what is better than hugging your best friend whenever you want? A lot of fans have got their Tails stuffed toy. Have you?

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