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bowser jr plush toys


bowserjr plush/bowser jr stuffed animal

Bowser Jr. is known by other names as well, like KuppaJunia, Koopa Jr, and at times even just Junior. He appears as an anti-hero in a video game called Mario, by Nintendo. If you are a Mario fan or you play the games of their franchise, then you will already know that Bowser Jr. is the son of the main villain Bowser.

Bowser Jr. is very popular in the games from the Mario series as the character who has the same aims as his father. All he wants to do is basically beat Mario in the game and kidnap Princess Peach. Of course, there are people who like antiheroes,and that is why Bowser Jr. is also a hot favorite of people who play the Mario games. If you are one of them, then you might be interested in collecting Bowser Jr. plush toys .

We provide Bowser Jr. plushies on our website and you can easily buy them whenever you want. With the bright yellow skin, a Bowser Jr. stuffed animal is one of the most sold toys on our website. We also provide other kinds of stuffed animals and you can check them out at leisure.

What does a Bowser Jr. plush look like?

Our Bowser Jr. stuffed animals are made to mimic the character from the series in an exactly similar fashion. So the body of a Bowser Jr. plush will be yellow and tan in color with the head that is light green in color. The distinctive ponytail at the top of his head makes the toy look very bright and Bowser can look cute for a change.

The shell at the front of Bowser’s body has small white spikes within a green case. These minute details are also etched out on Bowser plushies so that you can have your own Mario adventures at home with your favorite plush toy.

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