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ender dragon plush toys


Ender dragon plush/ender dragon stuffed animal

Any great story is never really over until the hero has got a chance to get all heroic in front of the enemy in massive proportions. In this game called Minecraft, the enemy is the ender dragon. With our range of the most amazing ender dragon stuffed animals, you will not have to journey till The End to capture this mystical monster and bring him home.

This plushy is finished with pixilated purple eyes. The ender dragon plush toy from our website has all the blocky details you see at Minecraft and is a must-have for all the fans of this game!

How to store your ender dragon stuffed animal?

Storing is an important aspect of maintaining your stuffed plush toy. If you can store it in a cold and dry place, the toy will last for a long time. This is because heat and moisture are good conditions for bacteria and mold to breed. Such growth of microbes on the soft toy can lead to degradation of your plushy.

Additionally, before you plan to lock your soft toy away for some time, it is a good idea to wrap it up using some dry cloth or papers. This will keep the plushy from interacting with other materials in the safe like rubbers, which can damage your stuffed animal toy.

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