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lucario plush toys


Lucario plush/lucario stuffed animal

Lucario is one of the new pokemon that can mega-evolve from the Kalos region. Our range of lucario plush toys features more detailed stripes and spikes, red paws and feet, and a larger tail. This pokemon is a steel/fighting type of pokemon that is known for its mysterious powers. Hence, this particular pokemon is also known as the Aura pokemon.

This toy from our website is suitable for children above the age of four. All of our toys are made in China and the best polyester fiber is used to manufacture these high-quality soft toys.

How do you clean your lucario stuffed animal toys?

It is important that you clean your stuffed animal toy at least once or twice in a week. This way your plush toy will last much longer and smell fresh. If you don’t clean your plushies, it might collect dust and other microbes that can have an adverse effect on the health of your family and children. Here are some ways you can clean your toys effectively:

  • First, make sure the toy does not come with specific cleaning instructions; if not, you can read further
  • Make use of cold water and mild detergent to make a cleaning solution
  • Once the solution is ready, rub your toy with a solution-dipped sponge and clean the toy’s every corner
  • Once it is done, dip the toy in lukewarm water and hang it to dry naturally
  • You can also make use of vinegar to disinfect the toy

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