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jj plush/jj stuffed animal

Japanese anime has a lot of fan following. In the past years, anime has seen immense popularity and growth through books, cartoons, franchise, etc. Fans also write about their favorite characters through fan fiction. One of such loved characters are JJ, which includes Jenny and Jewls. If you have seen them on the TV, then you will have surely fallen in love with their singing.

You can own your own Jenny and Jewls by buying JJ plush toys from our website. We sell a wide variety of stuffed animals, which can cater to the needs of people with different tastes. You only need to place an order and we will deliver the prettiest JJ plushies at your doorstep.

What does a JJ plush look like?

JJ plushies will have both the characters of Jenny and Jewls. They are sisters who love to sing and are often seen to perform. Jenny is also seen to be brawling at the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Jenny has bright flaming red hair and a beautiful pair of blue eyes. A Jenny JJ stuffed animal will have a yellow skirt with the blue shorts under it. Blue seems to be the governing color for Jenny because half of her things are in blue.

The other doll that JJ plushies include is Jewls who is a bit contrasting to Jenny. She has playful green hair and brown eyes to compliment it. She owns a Baku-Launcher and a Baku-Pod. She wears apparels and accessories that are in a combination of pink and white.

With such a pretty combination of two dolls, your JJ plush toys will be the envy of everyone. They are not only beautiful to look at, but they will also be great to play with and cuddle with when you go off to sleep.

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