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ditto plush toys


ditto plush/ditto stuffed animal

Ditto is a Pokemon that belongs to Generation 1. Ditto does not have the ability to evolve into any other form. It can breed with some other Pokemon to produce Pokemons that might belong to other species than its own.

Ditto comes in a peculiar shape that almost looks like it is shapeless. The one significant quality of Ditto is that it can transform itself into any other Pokemon. So, if a Ditto Pokemon transforms itself to Pikachu, it will resemble Pikachu in an exact way. Not only this, it can transform itself into any other object as well and uses this ability to protect itself.

Due to this quality of Ditto, a lot of people consider it to be a powerful Pokemon and would give anything to have a Ditto Pokemon of their own. If you too are crazy about Ditto, then it would be pretty cool if you buy a Ditto plush for yourself. You can get great Ditto plush toys from our website where we sell almost all the popular Pokemon stuffed animals. So, choose your favorite one today!

What does a Ditto stuffed animal look like?

When in its original form, a Ditto Pokemon is purple or magenta in color and looks like a jelly-like blob. The facial features are not very clear and even the arms and legs look like they can dissolve. So, if you get Ditto plushies that are in the orginal form of a Ditto Pokemon, then you will have it in the appearance of an original Ditto.

However, you can also choose to buy a Ditto plush that has transformed itself to another Pokemon. So a Bulbasaur Ditto plush toy will look like a Bulbasaur but the facial features might be a bit different and unclear. This will distinguish a Ditto Bulbasaurfrom a real Bulbasaur. So, you can now show your new Pokemon off, and this is sure to create an impression on your friends!

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