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Rilakkuma Plush toys


Rilakkuma Plush/Rilakkuma Stuffed Animal

Animal plushies are memory foam stuffed toys that come in a variety of shapes. They are usually based on naturally occurring animals as well as fantastical ones from cartoons and popular TV shows.  This lends them huge popularity and nowhere is this more apparent than on social media where their pictures garner millions of likes.

If you are considering gifting your children or other loved ones a plush toy you should look through our collection of popular culture themed plushies. Regular animal shaped plushies are a common sight in every household. A comparatively more offbeat choice like the ever popular and cuddly Rilakkuma plush toy is a great addition to any plushy collection.

What is a Rilakkuma Stuffed Animal?

A Rilakkuma plushy is based on the Japanese fictional character developed by Aki Kondo. The name Rilakkuma is a combination of the Japanese words for relax and bear. Thus, the Rilakkuma is a bear with a yellowish brown body with the insides of the ears and feet colored a lighter shade of yellow. It has black round eyes, a white mouth, and a white tummy.

The popularity of this character has lead to its development into a variety of merchandising forms such as stationary, backpacks, plushies, etc. The Rilakkuma plush is available across most online stores offering great deals on these products. You should check out the collections available online to make an informed choice on your plushy purchase.

Maintenance and Storage

Due to the memory foam stuffing, these plush toys are easily storable and barely take up any space no matter the actual size of the toys. Stuffed animals can withstand great pressure without losing their shape. Keeping them clean and tidy is also no big hassle as a simple wash with a washcloth dipped in a gentle cleaning agent does the job. Blow-dry it in medium temperature afterward to return it to top condition.

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