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hei hei plush toys


Hei hei plush/hei hei stuffed animal

Why tweet when you can crow? Yes, our new range of hei hei plush dances and clucks every time you press his wing. He is a certain scream if you are a fan of Disney’s animated film called Moana! Moana’s rooster shows off his colorful plumage that will definitely wing its way into your hearts. This rooster will accompany your little ones on all their adventures. Our range of hei hei stuffed animal toys look exactly like the quick-tempered rooster, with agitated facial expressions and unruly hair.

In our website, you only have the best for you. Each of them is very durable in nature and will be able to handle your child’s temper as well. They are also made out of safe materials, thereby making them the perfect chew toy as well.

How to store your hei hei plush toys?

Storing your hei hei plushies is a very simple task. But before you lock it away for a long time, make sure to clean it first with a solution of water and mild detergent. Dry it and repair your hei hei stuffed animals of any tear and holes. Wrap the toy in a dry cloth or a piece of paper. Make sure you seal each and every corner of it. Next, put the soft toy in a containment unit and place the unit in a place that is dry and cold. This should be done because moisture and sunlight are perfect breeding conditions for bacteria and mold.

Of course, hei hei looks very adorable in the animated movie, but we think that our hei hei stuffed animals might look cuter. If you ever imagined of having hei hei as a pet for your child, then this is it. Plus, you might consider this offer twice since we are giving away heavy discounts on all the Moana stuffed toys on our website.

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