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Stuffed Animal Storage


Stuffed Animal Storage & Plushie Toy Organizer

Stuffed Animals are very cute and fuzzy but they also take up a lot of space. While some people may love stuffed animals, they might not have a lot of space in their homes for stuffed animal storage. So we have come up with a host of great ideas. You can consider these ideas or hacks to safely store your favorite plushies.

Here are some of the best ideas for stuffed animal storage:

Put them on display

Displaying your cute and adorable stuffed animals is the best idea. You can neatly arrange them in covered or uncovered shelves. Although they might require a bit of cleaning from time to time, this is still a great idea to both decorate your home and to smartly store your plushies.

If you have an old book shelf lying somewhere in the house, you can reuse it for your stuffed animal storage. In this way, you do not even need to invest more money in buying a new shelf. On top of that, keeping stuffed animals in shelves also make them easily accessible and you do not need to dig into huge boxes when you want to play with them.

Use a toy space

A special toy space or cage is very popular in the market. You can just put it in a corner and place all your stuffed animals into it. This will help you in keeping the toys at your arm’s reach and also simultaneously store them properly. These kinds of cages for stuffed animals are also not very expensive and having one of these will solve most of your storage problems. A cage is, therefore, a great idea for stuffed animal storage.

Buy organizers

These days we can easily find organizers which are quite large in size and can hold a lot of things. Such organizers are also easy to carry. You can purchase one of these organizers and use it for plush storage. This will not only keep your plushies clean but also give a neat look to your home.

Get a toy chest

Toy chests are both available in the market or can be made at home as well. If you are a DIY person then you can very well try to make an attractive box at home, in which you can store your stuffed animals. If you are busy and just want a ready-made box, do not worry. Toy chests are easily available online.

 A plus point is that these toy chests are mostly very pretty to look at.  Therefore, they add up to making your home look better. This does not spoil the aesthetics of your home and instead of your stuffed animals lying all around the house, you can store them in such chests.

Use that old hammock

Hammocks can be easily placed anywhere in your house. Placing your stuffed animals on your old hammock will give your room a very cozy feel. In addition to that, that old hammock which was lying uncared for in the corner will also be utilized. This is a unique idea for stuffed animal storage.

Hang them

Hanging stuffed animals on a clothesline is a great idea as it also works well for decorating the house. You can use good-quality hooks to hold the toy on the line. A good idea is to choose a nice material for the clothesline that looks good with your wall. This will instantly turn the atmosphere of your home into a very lively one.

Use them as stuffing

This idea is particularly helpful for people who own a large collection of stuffed toys. If you use stuffed animals for further stuffing your bean bag or cushion, you will enjoy double benefits. For instance, firstly, your toys will be safely stored and secondly, you can turn them into pieces of useful lifestyles items that come in use daily.

We have provided you with some wonderful and easy ideas for plush storage. Hopefully, these ideas should make your job easier and hassle-free. We hope that this article will be useful to you in future and you will be able to store your stuffed toys in a more effective fashion. And now you can stop worrying and buy even more of your favorite stuffed toys!

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