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Singing stuffed animals


Singing stuffed animals/singing plush

Sometimes, we all need a little encouragement in life before heading out to do something worthwhile. This is the reason why we have decided to come out with our line of singing stuffed animals. These adorable plush toys will need your help to sing.

All you need to do is give these toys a squeeze and they will open their mouths and single a happy note for you. Keep on squeezing them and they will be able to sing a whole tune for you. You can also control the volume of their happy voices. So, sing along and let your heart flow with our line of the best singing plush toys!

How to clean singing stuffed animals?

Toys with electronic elements cannot be simply sent into the washing machine. Hence, a simple spot cleaning will have to be done. Follow these basic steps to clean or deodorize your plush toy:

  • First and foremost, remove the batteries from the toy. Some toys even allow you to completely remove the battery compartment.
  • Fill a bowl with warm water and add some detergent into it.
  • Dip a piece of cloth into the mixture and start by cleaning the outside of the plush toy and keep on rinsing it.
  • Repeat the above procedure until the soap gets removed. Allow the toy to dry properly under the fan or the sun.
  • Once it gets dried, take the batteries and fit it again in the battery compartment.

To remove bad smells, sprinkle the stuffed animal toy with baking soda. Alternatively, you can also use minute quantities of vinegar. After some time, vacuum the odors and baking soda out.

Our website has some of the best singing toys that will surely bring some warmth into your lives. All our toys are made up the best components which will not get damaged with rough use. We guarantee that you will get the best toy at the most discounted rates you ever laid your eyes on.

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