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Boo Stuffed Animal


Boo Stuffed Animal/Boo Plush

Is your child very active on Instagram and Facebook and a huge fan of Boo the dog? Then we have just the right gift for your daughter or son! Our website houses a large collection of plush toys that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and most importantly, characters. Choose from a variety of options and visit our online site today!

What is the Boo stuffed animal based on?

The Boo stuffed animal is based on the real life dog Boo. He is a Pomeranian and became an internet sensation especially on Facebook and Instagram. Boo has a large fan following owing to his many cute videos and pictures shared on the social networking sites and is loved and admired by thousands of people worldwide.

Where can you buy a Boo stuffed animal?

You might not find a Boo stuffed animal in a local toy store but you will definitely find one in an online store like ours. Online stores provide a variety of plush toys of different famous characters such as Boo. They also have a comparatively larger collection and offer good prices and deals all throughout the year.

How do you take care of your Boo stuffed animal?

Since a plush toy gets dirty very easily, make sure you store it in a dry and dirt free place. Occasionally keeping the plush toy out in the sun will kill unnecessary germs and prevent molds. Clean the Boo plush toy in a washing machine or hand-wash it if the cleaning tag says so. You can also rub it with baking soda to clean it and make it smell fresh.

Boo is super cute and very adorable and that’s the reason why he is loved all over the world. If you or your child is a fan too, this Boo plush toy is just for you!

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