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Chihuahua stuffed animal


Chihuahua stuffed animal/Chihuahua plush

Very much like a real Chihuahua, our range of Chihuahua stuffed animal toys come in a lot of different coat lengths, colors and sizes. Since they are the smallest breed of dogs in the world, our Chihuahua plush toys are basically life-sized. A Chihuahua plush toy is one of the most unique stuffed animals you will see. If you visit our website, you will know exactly what we are trying to convey to you.

How to take care of your plush toy?

Stuffed toys can take in a lot of abuse, but becoming a breeding ground for nastiness like bacteria is on another level. Read the steps below to learn how to clean your toy in the most effective way possible:

First, clean the toy and remove the dust collected on its fur. You can do this by rubbing a slightly damp cloth or simply use a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a brush for this purpose.

Fill in a mixture of water and soap. Use this mixture to clean the toy properly. Identify any stains and spots on the toy and target to remove them first. Alternatively, you can also wash the toy in a machine.

Once you are done with the procedure of cleaning and washing, remove the toy and squeeze it gently to remove off excess water. Do not stuff them into a dryer for fast results. Hang it outside in the sun.

Make sure you repeat this procedure on every plush toy you have to keep them smelling fresh and long-lasting. If you accidentally spill something on your toy, make sure you deal with it immediately.

Small but with a big heart, Chihuahua stuffed toys are always up for cuddles. Made up of the top-quality construction and detailed to the tiniest level, this Chihuahua puppy will bring joy and laughter to your household. Visit our website now and avail amazing discounts as well!

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