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Microwavable Stuffed Animals


Microwavable Stuffed Animals/Microwavable Plush

Is your child in need of comfort? Do you often stay away from home and fear that your child is feeling lonely at home? We have the perfect solution for you. Toys that can be used as a companion for your child and can also be heated for that extra comfort are hugely in demand. Our website houses a large collection of such toys. Whatever your requirements might be, we have just the product for you.

What is a microwavable plush toy?

When children are alone at home or do not get much contact with the outside world, they might miss out on a regular dose of bodily contact or comfort. Microwavable stuffed animals not only act as a constant companion for your child as a toy, but the heat can also substitute for actual body heat provided through real body contact. They can also be used instead of hot water bags for children and adults alike.

These toys are often used for therapy, especially for small children or kids who have full time working parents. They help in providing relief to children who have anxiety issues, or trouble sleeping. For adults, hot toys can help soothe sore muscles, body pain, tenderness etc.

What is a microwavable plush toy made of?

These stuffed animals are made of fabric that is heat resistant and usually have a natural filling like grains, for example, millets or heat-resistant ingredients like dried flowers and leaves. These plush toys usually need a maximum of two minutes in the microwave to reach the optimum temperature for use.

Sometimes microwavable plush toys also come with certain ingredients that are meant for aromatherapy, like dried lavender or rose petals. The fragrance again helps in soothing anxiety and stress.

This unique item is a must for you and your family. Find one from the large collection available at our website now!

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