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tattletail plush


tattletail plush

Tattletail is a pet that appears in a video game that Waygetter Electronics created and released in the year 2016. Tattletail is a baby that talks in the game and you have to take care of it as your pet. The game shows tattletail arrive in a box at the player’s house, on the eve of Christmas. So, tattletail arrives in the form of a Christmas gift.

Would it not be great to begin the Christmas celebrations a bit early this year, with a tattletail toy? You might wonder where to get such a rare toy from. We have an answer ready for you. Just visit our website and find the best ever tattletail plush toy that you have. All you have to do is place a quick order and you will have your toy delivered to your doorstep.

What makes a tattletail plush special?

A tattletail stuffed toy is very easy to store and handle because it will not be any bigger than 10 inches. This makes it ideal for children who can easily handle a tiny toy like this one. A tattletail plush comes in a color combination of purple and baby pink. The lips of tattletail are slightly parted with a starry-eyed expression that makes it look like it is very pleased with you and needs your love and affection.

Another special characteristic of a tattletail soft toy is its oval shape that makes it look so huggable. Out tattletail plushies are made from the highest quality plush so that they give you a super soft feeling when you touch them. The tiny feet of a tattletail toy adds to the charm of the toy and you cannot resist picking it in your arms, every now and then, and loving it even more. The video game where you loved tattletail so much, will get even better with your special tattletail plush.

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