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Raccoon stuffed animal


Raccoon stuffed animal/ raccoon plush

If you romp around the jungle, you are bound to see some woodland creatures. The raccoon is one of them. Raccoons are such cute animals that there have been demands to manufacture stuffed toys that look like a raccoon. Needless to say, the demand was so overwhelming that we did make some great raccoon stuffed animal toys, just for you.

These toys are up now, ready for sale, on our website. All these plush toys are made up of some of the best materials in the market today that are completely safe for children and pets. Right from playing to snuggling, this raccoon plush toy is perfect for your child.

What is a plush toy made out of?

A plush toy is made of a lot of materials and components. First of all the stuffing is made out of cotton, wool and kapok fibers. Once the doll it stuffed, features like eyes and the nose are detailed out very realistically and with extreme caution. The fur of the doll is also made out of cotton or wool.

How to take care of your plush toy?

It is important to keep your plush toy clean, especially if it is being used by a child. If the child develops an illness due to chewing the dirty toy, it can get very dangerous. Hence, you need to keep the doll away from the reach of disease-spreading bacteria and molds. The easiest and the most common way to clean your plush toy is to use a solution of water and soap and carefully wipe it all over. Once done, dry it under a fan or sunlight.

For the best raccoon plush toy, head over to our website. You will find a lot of different varieties of raccoon toys or children. For adults, we have toys like the Rocket raccoon toy (from the Guardians of the Galaxy fame). We also offer heavy discounts to first-time buyers.

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